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Mission Statement

Ozark Ballet Theater's mission is to foster a love for ballet within the Northwest Arkansas community. We strive to provide equitable access to high-quality ballet training, nurturing talent from all backgrounds. Through our innovative programs, we aim to shape the next generation of dancers and arts administrators, supporting them in their journey towards a professional career in the arts. Our commitment extends beyond dance education - we are dedicated to creating a vibrant, inclusive community where every student can thrive, realize their potential, and transform their passion into a fulfilling career.


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Support Dance Education In NWA

Your donation to Ozark Ballet Theater is more than just a gift to a nonprofit. It's an investment in the future of classical ballet and the young dancers who are so passionate about it. When you support Ozark Ballet Theater, you're providing access to top-notch ballet training for children who would not otherwise have the opportunity. With your help, these kids will develop the discipline, focus, and self-confidence that ballet instills, as well as the physical strength and grace that come with the training.

By supporting Ozark Ballet Theater, you're helping to shape the next generation of talented ballet dancers, who will go on to make a positive impact in the world. Your donation makes it possible for these kids to pursue their passion and fulfill their potential. So think about it - with your donation, you can give a young dancer the chance to reach for the stars, and see where ballet takes them.

In addition to our student academy, Ozark Ballet Theater is on a mission to provide good, paid employment for performing artists and technicians here in Northwest Arkansas. With several main-stage productions and dozens of paid pop-up opportunities annually for dancers, we are doing our part to put NWA on the map as a great place for dancers to work and live.

Our extraordinary goals rely on extraordinary support from our community. Please consider donating to support local art.

Ozark Ballet Theater is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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DEI Statement

In an ever-evolving world, art forms must embody diversity, equity, and inclusion to remain relevant and impactful. Ballet, as we know it, has often been the privilege of a specific demographic, often excluding the vibrant voices that epitomize our multicultural society. This exclusion not only denies deserving individuals access to high-level ballet performance but also deprives the art form itself of these essential, contemporary voices.

Ozark Ballet Theater (OBT) firmly believes that inclusion and representation are not just ethical obligations but key to the ongoing success and relevance of our cherished art form. Our team, from the directors to the board members, is dedicated to fostering an environment that welcomes and amplifies people from all backgrounds.

Our commitment goes beyond words. We are actively reaching out to historically underserved communities in Northwest Arkansas, learning, understanding, and addressing the systemic issues that have previously hindered their access to ballet. This includes the vibrant Hispanic, Black, Marshallese, and Indian communities that contribute to the unique tapestry of our region's culture.

At OBT, we recognize that the future of ballet relies on its ability to reflect the world we live in today. We are steadfast in our mission to ensure that our beloved art form evolves hand-in-hand with our diverse community, becoming more inclusive, equitable, and ultimately, more meaningful.

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